Frequently Asked Question

Here is some of the most common questions we get feel free to contact us .

Payout Questions

Like most programs we have a schedule, ours is on the 15th of the month. We are willing to work with any of our partners who send us a basic amount of traffic. If you need a certian date or a special payout type just let us know we can work out most requests
The answer is yes. Our standard program is revshare but we do offer PPS and we are willing to discuss terms please contact us and we will work something out we both will be happy with.
The base payout percentage is 50% we then have 3 tiers to get to 60% max. 30 (1/day) signups gets you an additional 3% , 60 (2/day) gets you to 6% and at only 90 (3/day) our top tier your total extra percentage is 10%. We also offer a refferal bonus for every webmaster/affilate you refer to us.

CDGirls Program Questions

Just contact us with your request and we will get your the neccessary items ASAP
NATS stands for The Next-Generation Affiliate Tracking Software and it is a backend tracking and reporting software built by Too Much Media Inc. NATS is the industry leader and is know for its state of the art click tracking and reporting backend, for your traffic so every sale gets counted. Their software is encrypted and cannot be modified by us adding a level of security to our partners.
Since 2000, CDGirls has had some sort of business partnership program. We gave away hundred of thousands of free cds and dvds that would contain affiliate code and credit business partners when a user recieved a free web enhanced DVD/CD then later converted to an active member. After the market for hard goods expired we were one of the first companies to embrace tube sites such as Redtube and YouPorn and worked with them directly to advance their business model from user submitted videos to producer submitted videos that linked back to the producer's site and tracked users for revenue sharing. After taking a couple years to both recharge and retool CDGirls is back, once again the best technology and the best tools to help our business partners succeed.