Our Way to Success

Simple Business Philosophy, Treat people the way you would want to be treated. From the site members to our business partners / affiliates, this always has worked well for us. 18 years now we have been on the cutting edge of the online adult business. Our first content CD with MPGs in 1998, to our web enhanced "Free CD" program of the early 2000's to the creators of the very first production adult BluRay to today's mobile/social media explosion. Technology is always changing and sex always sells, its all about merging the two together in the best way.

Modern Infrastructure

We use NATS for tracking and a secure and modern custom CMS for the members site and HTML5, CSS3 & responsive mobile friendly code for all of our web properties


Every Task needs the correct tools. If we dont have it we will make it. Custom MP4 video players, In Video Banners, HTML5 Banners. Social Media. The days of FHGs and exit pops ups are over

Personal 1 on 1 Attention

Everybody has different ideas on how best to use their traffic. Instead of one size fits all. We will work with you to help get the maximum $$$ out of your traffic

Realistic Goals

With NATS enhanced tracking and reporting, all you have to do is send 3 sales a day to hit 60%. Revshare or PPS we will work with you to design a program where both of us can be successful

The biggest piece of the pie

The adult interent has changed, people know what they like and want to see. More important to us it what are they willing to pay for. Instead of building hundredes of sites we just have the one. Our strengths are solo girl and lesbian and we have set up our program around that. Barely 18 (teen) , Amateur, Lesbian and our Sybian and Sex Machine videos with know stars and bright eyed first timers. These content types will always be among the top of any search terms. Pretty girls having real orgasms appeals to the largest piece of the pie and therefore the most amount of people.

Content Samples